ABC, Read to Me! The Best Alphabet Books for Preschoolers

So your kids have mastered the alphabet song (sort of…) and you want to feed their newfound fascination with letters by reading some awesome alphabet books? You may have realised that there are more than a few to choose from! Here I provide a list of some of my favourite alphabet titles that are both enjoyable and educational, including some lesser-known books that you may not have come across before – happy reading!

*NOTE: With very young kids, don't feel like you have to read a whole alphabet book in one sitting - this can be a lot to take in when you're dealing with a short attention span! Feel free to dip in and out, starting and finishing at any point. At this early age you're just wanting to familiarise your children with letters - they don't need to be in order, or the complete alphabet.


Won’t You Sing With Me?

A You’re Adorable

Illustrated by Nathaniel Eckstrom, Words by Buddy Kaye, Fred Wise and Sidney Lippman. 



This classic song is a favourite in our house (my husband and I even sung it as a duet at our wedding!), so when the book was released in 2015 we were thrilled! In addition to following along with the letters of the alphabet as you sing the words, children can spot the animals beginning with the appropriate letters on each page. And as a bonus, the book comes with a CD performed by the beloved Justine Clarke! This is a beautiful love song to share with children from birth onwards.


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Written by Bill Martin Jr. & John Archambault, illustrated by Lois Ehlert



This vintage rhyming text is so well-known, it even has an audio recording by the sensational Ray Charles! Readers aged 2 and over can follow along as each letter of the alphabet climbs up the coconut tree, until the tree is so full that all the letters come crashing to the ground, bruised and battered. This book has been a favourite since its publication almost 20 years ago, and there are many follow-up activities and related crafts to be found on the internet, to enhance your child’s learning.


More Than Just the Alphabet…

ABC Mindful Me

Written & Illustrated by Christiane Engel



This is an alphabet book with a difference - each letter represents a concept to help children slow down and be mindful of the world around them. The pages are filled with easy ideas to incorporate into our everyday lives, from breathing and giving, to thankfulness and yoga. By the end of the alphabet, with the help of simple colourful illustrations, the book has demonstrated the benefits of practicing mindfulness with children. This is a fantastic book to share with young kids (and it has thick cardboard pages to make it fairly indestructible by little ones!), although its concepts hold true for readers of any age.


Backseat A-B-See

By Maria van Lieshout



This is a great book to keep in the backseat of your car – kids aged 3 and over can follow the street signs through the alphabet, and see how many they can spot as you drive along. The street sign illustrations are simple and engaging, and the interactive nature of the book means that readers will enjoy themselves so much, they won’t even realise they’re absorbing their ABCs!



Alison Lester’s ABC

Written & illustrated by Alison Lester



From Kissed by the Moon to The Magic Beach, Alison Lester has written and illustrated many classic Australian picture books, and she brings her signature colourful, detailed illustrations to this beautiful alphabet book. Readers aged 2 and over will enjoy joining Alice and Aldo as they fill their day with exciting adventures. Each page contains not only text and illustrations related to a particular letter, but a border filled with more letter-related illustrations, making this a book that young readers will love to lose themselves in again and again.


The Alphabet for Aussies

Aussie Legends Alphabet

Written & Illustrated by Beck Feiner



This visually striking book takes readers through the alphabet, with each letter being represented by an iconic Australian. The people themselves form the gorgeously designed letters – from Kath & Kim and Ned Kelly, to Steve Irwin and Dame Edna. Each page gives some introductory information that will be as interesting for the adult readers as it will be for the children, with more detail to be found at the back of the book. This alphabet book combines fun, colourful illustrations with fabulous content, and is suitable for ages 3+.


Great Goal! Marvellous Mark!

Written by Katrina Germein, Illustrated by Janine Dawson


While there is no shortage of alphabet books for young children on the market, as I mentioned, this is the first to be written explicitly for kids who love footy. Readers eagerly follow as the excitement builds in the story’s big weekend Aussie Rules match, and the use of the alphabet framework on each page blends seamlessly into the action. This book is both engaging and educational, and is sure to score big goals for footy-lovers aged 3-6!


Pop-Ups (Keep Out-of-Reach of Teency Children!)


By Marion Bataille



The pop-up nature of this book means it’s best to keep for slightly older kids, or have a ‘hands in laps’ rule while you look at it together. Children and adults alike will love the clever, sleek design of ABC3D, which uses mirrors, see-through pages, flipping and sliding pieces to guide us through the letters of the alphabet. An uber-cool alphabet book!


Alpha Bugs

By David A. Carter



Despite my best efforts to keep this book out of my kids’ hands for fear of the pop-up pieces being torn off, it was an instant favourite and somehow a few of the parts have sadly disappeared… The cute & quirky illustrations, clever interactive pop-ups and effective alliteration make this book instantly appealing to kids. I can’t decide who’s my favourite bug – the witty wacky Waffle Bug or the not-so-cuddly Cactus Bug!


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