We asked the parents of Busy Bookworms students what they would say if someone asked what our classes were like…

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“I’d definitely tell them that they should go for it, they shouldn’t hesitate. My oldest son who’s five, he started Busy Bookworms a couple of years ago now, and now the other two are following in his footsteps. They just love the crafts, the books, the interaction…and with Busy Bookworms you get an hour to yourself, which, when you have 3 kids, is a no-no! So it’s great!

It’s a nice interactive class, the crafts are great – I mean, trying to do crafts at home is pretty hard, and the kids seem to like that. A lot of the other activities they do are hands on and sporty, so this is a beautiful way for them to do crafts, sit down, listen, pay attention.

They learn about books – flipping pages, looking at them instead of just always having them on ipads. Old-fashioned books are so much better.”


“This is a fantastic program and my kid just loves it! It’s not just telling stories but lots of different activities like craft, singing, dancing.

I think reading is really important for my kids, because mine just watch a lot of YouTube. It’s a good atmosphere for me to bring the kids here to enjoy the story time, to enjoy reading with other kids and to listen to stories. With Busy Bookworms, they can stay away from screens, they start to get interest in books and not just screen things, and they experience the story through pictures. Amy always chooses fantastic books and interesting stories.”

Michelle – ARMADALE

“I think the breadth of activities – they’re not only reading a book, they get to do craft activities, and also the different themes every week that Amy does. Louis loves it, and he learns a lot, they do experiments. The breadth of activities that Amy develops for the kids is great.

 Definitely give it a go. Different children have different personalities so it might be for some kids and not for others, but I think definitely give it a try. Louis LOVES it, it’s a really good learning activity and he’s made friends. It’s really important, fostering that love of books and the imagination that comes from reading books and those kinds of activities, that’s the most important thing.”

Rhonda – GLEN IRIS

“I would tell them that it’s a great experience for children and gives them confidence – it’s a good way to introduce them to spending a little bit of time away from mum or grandma. I think they need to know that Amy is a fantastic teacher, the kids really love her, she relates really well to them and they get so much out of it.

Interaction with books, there’s nothing like books. It’s so much more. I guess my children were of an era that they didn’t have that type of technology, so it’s really lovely to see my grandchildren get the same sort of things out of books, and actually doing activities rather than just being on a tablet all the time.”

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